Lobster Pound

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging – Lobsters may be packed in a carry on box to take with you for air or land travel and will remain alive for up to 48 hours in these conditions.

Air Freight – Call us to have your lobsters sent by air freight directly to you. 30lb order to a 9000lb order for distribution overseas, we can get them to you.

Two ladies preparing the lobsters for shippingHall’s Harbour is one of the last authentic fishing villages surviving along the Fundy coast of Nova Scotia. We are an international exporter of # 1 grade, “Live Canadian Lobster (Homarus Americanus).

With a close proximity to Halifax International Airport, we are able to ship live lobster every day of the year to our worldwide client base.

A picture of a fishing boat sitting on the bottom of the harbour at low tide.Containers – Lobsters are packed in either 30 lb styros for bulk shipments or in 33 lb wax-lined cartons for container shipments. Our boxes are leak proof, fully insulated and approved by all the major airlines. The number of gel packs used will vary, depending on the time of year and the customer’s requests.