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Zoom Large Lobster

Large Lobster

Approx 2lbs each

$30.00 each
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Premium quality hard-shell Atlantic lobster.

Minimum quantity 4.

Shipping & Storing


Shipping is by UPS on an overnight or 2-day service. Please note that UPS can't ship to P.O. Box addresses


Live (or cooked) lobsters are packed in a sturdy shipping box with ice to keep them cool during shipping


Keep live lobsters refrigerated until you cook them. Don't put them in water. If kept cool they can be stored for up to 24 hours

Cooking Lobster

Cooking Instructions

Be sure the pot you use is large enough to easily accommodate and fully cover the lobster.

Lobsters should be cooked in salted fresh water. Use 4 tablespoons (50ml) of salt per 1 gallon (4 L) of fresh water.

Fill the pot with enough water to cover the lobster and bring to a boil.

Grasp the lobster firmly by the back, just behind the claws, and plunge headfirst into boiling water. Cover and bring water back to a boil and then begin timing.

Remove the bands from the claws.

Cooking Times

Small Lobster (1.25lbs) - 24 minutes

Medium Lobster (1.5lbs) - 25 minutes

Large Lobster (2lbs) - 27 minutes

Jumbo Lobster (2.5lbs) - 29 minutes

An antenna will easily pull free when the lobster is cooked. Drain lobster and serve hot.

If not being eaten right away, super chill the lobster in ice water for at least 30 minutes to stop the cooking process.

How to Eat Lobster

Step 1:

Gather tools. You'll need a lobster cracker and a small fork

Step 2:

Separate knuckles from body by twisting, then twist knuckles from claws

Step 3:

Separate body from tail by twisting, then break off tail fins

Step 4:

Use a dinner fork to pull out meat from tail

Step 5:

Use a lobster cracker to break claws open. Use a small fork to remove claw meat

Step 6:

Snap off legs and break at the joint. Squeeze or suck meat out


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