About Us



One of the few authentic fishing villages surviving along our shores, dating to 1779 when NS held a proud place among the seagoing people of the world. Captain Hall and his privateers used the natural harbour as a base.

The buildings which are presently known as the Halls Harbour Lobster Pound, date to the 1820’s. They have served in former years as a school house, church, meeting hall, a general store, way station, customs office, blacksmith’s shop, etching studio and shipyard from which the Ella Moore Tarquentine was launched as well as three 60-70 ft. schooners. The smaller buildings were used as fish sheds, summer camps and an ice house.

The Halls Harbour Lobster Pound now serves as one of the largest lobster holding facilities in Canada with a capacity of up to 65,000 pounds. It features state of the art technology including refrigerated water, a new trickle tray and a “floating pools” holding system.
From this facility, lobsters are packed and shipped wholesale to points from Europe to Asia. Our business is expanding with new products, services and markets all over the world.

Lobster in the Rough

Hall’s Harbour Lobster Pound gives you a “Lobster in the Rough” dining experience.  During our season, visitors select their lobster that will then be prepared in the on site cook house. The lobster will then arrive to the table of your choice.



The experience of enjoying the delicacy is heightened while seated in our dining room which has a view of the beautiful harbour. This is the prime stage for observing the beautiful Bay of Fundy, which is home to the highest tides in the world.The tide rises as much as an inch a minute, to a possible 40 + feet.

Outdoor seating is also available on our harbour-side deck.